Dark and dramatic
We’re seeing a sharp increase in those that are opting for bolder, more daring colours when it comes to designing their kitchen.  Nothing creates a statement kitchen quite as effectively as choosing a deep colour that draws the eye in and creates a captivating look suited to spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Our newly launched colour, Indigo, is perfect for those looking to push the boundaries and create a showstopping kitchen that will leave jaws on the ground! This deep blue can almost seem black in some lights and changes depending on the time of day and light in the room while remaining rich and beautiful. Indigo is now available in both Cartmel and Lucente.

Gorgeous metallics
Not only are we going for bolder and daring colour choices we’re also really loving the addition of metallic accents to the kitchen. From copper taps to bronze splash backs we’re consistently seeing more creative and unique choices and consequently, more striking and statement kitchens!

Our ribbed  handles are perfect for those wanting to bring metallic vibes into the kitchen that is understated yet sophisticated. For those looking for something a little different, our wave handles are now available in antique copper and are guaranteed to be a talking point with guests!

Modern AND Traditional
Shaker kitchens have never been so popular and we are LOVING IT. Why choose between traditional and modern when you can have both – creating a timeless kitchen that will never date and will be the envy of all those who enter. Our Ascot range is perfect for those looking to blur the lines between traditional and modern with the more contemporary take on the traditional shaker.  Ascot features our narrowest bezel yet with the reduced frame width of just 60mm and is the perfect choice for those looking for a trend setting kitchen design.

Raw Materials
From statement oak open shelving, to natural wood cabinetry we’re seeing a sharp increase in those opting for a clean and natural look. Raw materials have been sighted in the kitchens of the most talked about A-listers as they line their cribs with accents of ash, cedar and oak to create a stunning airy, natural and fresh vibe. Our Cambridge and Windsor ranges are made using real wood, encapsulating all the uniqueness and character only achieved with true wood, perfect for adding warmth to all spaces.

Totally unique
Last but most definitely not least… Fancy something completely different, totally unique, never been done before? Many of our ranges are available in paint to order meaning you can enjoy a perfectly hand painted, bespoke kitchen you dream of. We can match virtually any colour you like meaning your options are now endless!